The Altar of Qayin: The Book of Resurrection – Mark Alan Smith (Primal Craft)


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The Path of Sulphur is opened for Devotees of all levels of experience with the construction of The Altar of Lord Qayin, empowering and igniting both Altar and Devoted Soul – as The Wandering God – with Crossed Arkonian Keys. Gnosis for creation of the Obsidian Skull allows the Seeker to create the veritable Skull of Qayin – yielding Direct Communion with the Lord of the Outcast Path. The True Origin of Qayin as Lord of the Liminal Realms between man and Gods – Crowned and sent forth to bestow the (now forbidden) Ars Diaboli unto mankind – is granted.

This yields understanding of Qayin as the Fifth Pillar of Flame – Drawing upon the Supreme Formula of Power of The Primal Current in Hecate’s name. In ritual, the Altar may be crowned with the Obsidian Bone Skull, creating The Temple Body of Qayin. Bone Skull Keys allow Temple and Devotee to become the living manifestation of Master Qayin. The Path of Self Initiation granted within this Grimoire leads the Devotee from Seeker to Magister. Rites of Incubus and Succubus are granted alongside Initiations of Field, Furrow and Forge. Formation of the Books of Qayin and the Book of the Name is granted for Seekers walking the Solitary Path – of The Outcast, Wandering God – and for those Devotees wishing to open and ignite His Covens.