The Witchblood Grail – Mark Alan Smith (Primal Craft)


Dragon Flame edition. 999 volumes of superior quality hand-bound in luxurious Red Lynnel Thermo Ibis, finished with double thickness endpapers. Both covers blocked in white gold with the Gateway of The Dragon-flame Grail and the seal of The Infernal Serpent. Blood-red silk ribbon marker. The books will be beautifully fashioned with rounded spines whose head and tail bands are braced with bamboo cane that is hand-inserted during the binding process.
All copies will be hand-numbered and signed.
Last copies of the Dragon Flame edition – the book is now out of print in this particular edition.

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The Blood of The Goddess pours from the Witch Grail, as gnosis is revealed in sacrifice, en-fleshing the Dragon’s bones. The Gates of the Devil’s Throne open within Belial’s Earth for devoted souls of the Trident to feast upon Hecate’s Kalas, ignited in Lucifer’s Flame, as the Great Daughter conjoins with the Body of the Beast to align inner and material planes. This is the dawn of the Apocalyptic Aeon of the Light-bearer – the Age of Revelation.