Queen of Hell – Mark Alan Smith (Primal Craft)


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The First Book of the Trident Trilogy and Primal Craft Grimoires, Queen of Hell is the consummate reunification of Ceremonial Magick and Witchcraft. Direct contact with the Goddess Hecate is achieved through performance of rites within this tome. Devotees will find their own depth and level of experience allowing them to step into the Primal Current. Through ritual self-dedication, possession and sexual union, the Goddess guides the soul in evolution. This is Witchcraft! Rituals for the formation of the Qlippothic Mirror, Spirit Pots, Pacts of the Toad Rite and communication with Wolfen Spirits are all given. The Path of Hecate is followed in spritual evolutin and empowerment, ulitmately leading to the Phoenix Rite in which – for those deemed ready – the Gates of the Abyss are opened in the Dark Lake Crossing.

Artwork and sigils have been recreated and enhanced by the D’via Roja Group. Books will be consecrated as Gateways to their respecitve Witch Gods. They will then be empowered in a second rite, seeding within them the Keys to the Arkonian Gate which opens the Way to the Path of Qayin – thus paving the way for devotees who wish to access inner gnosis of the forthcoming Second Volume of the Ars Diaboli: The Altar of Qayin.