Satvrnvs Lvcifer Codex: Deluxe Edition – David Mllr (Aeon Sophia)


Deluxe Hardcover Edition

  • – Leather Bound hardcover
  • Gilted foredges
  • – Silver foil sigil printed to the front cover
  •  Silver foil lettering printed to the spine
  • Black end-papers
  •  grams bone-white paper bookblock
  • Limited to only 50 hand numbered copies

Sime minor denting to the top right corners

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Satvrnvs Lvcifer Codex is the result of countless nights of black magic rituals encapsulated and documented in book form, a magical diary holding the key to a forbidden knowledge that ensures the reader of results along their magical path.

Intended for adepts, the Codex serves to introduce the reader into a state of Gnosis, to find one’s higher self and materialize one’s desires.

As a spiritual work, the Codex serves the purpose of inducing the adept to discover his Higher Self, the “I LUCIFER.” Within these pages one finds detailed rationale for elaborate rituals and ritual tools, talismans, sigils, and further aides to achieve one’s ascent, devised under the author’s personal practice of magical ritual and full immersion in Gnostic trance via psychonautic state. Satvrnvs Lvcifer Codex serves as a tool for contacting the many demons and dark entities residing deep within the human psyche.

As an artistic work, the profound text is visually complemented by works that have been painstakingly created by the author as a reflection of the depth of the human psyche from a unique and incomparable perspective: the mind of the author. Creating – as a result of his artistic and magical gifts – a work impeccable and full of an invaluable content that the public eye will rarely see, benefiting from the high-quality printing by Aeon Sophia Press, leading readers and practitioners to increase the effervescence in their magical ceremonies.

Informing the author’s personal Gnosis is a bevy of occult knowledge from numerous cultural traditions obtained from strict and rigorous study and experience. Every sheet a ritual; every page a cosmos contained within the author’s grand metaverse. 

“This book is the log of the darkest and murkiest journey into man; a journey without return to the depths of Hell.” – Frater A.