The 83 Demons of Saturn – David Mllr (Aeon Sophia)


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The 83 Demons of Saturn by David Mllr, author of the previously published book Satvrnvs Lvcifer Codex (2021).

Aeon Sophia Press is proud to announce the second book by the author, artist and musician David Mllr. With this brand new offering the author presents to us 83 archetypes of Saturn’s moons, organizing and classifying them to be able to work with them. In this book the author covers the first 27 moons related to Greek mythology.

While the author stays within the realm of Saturn, with his new book he takes a step further in a new direction in terms of subject matter and writing style. This book presents a thoroughly researched work and each archetype and/or demon is very well described with its corresponding tarot card illustrations and invocations mantras.

According to the author: These entities were baptized under the name of The Demons of Saturn. They are demons because they act as agents of chaos, creating storms and tempests. They work directly in the darkest aspects of the Self. Using Saturn’s moons as a way to explore and work our subconscious is an effective and unique method of approaching personal growth. The shadow refers to those aspects of oneself that are denied or repressed, and working with this can help release limiting patterns of thought and behavior.

Assigning an Archetype to each Saturn moon and exploring how the archetype manifests in your life can give you a different perspective on yourself and help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Through the ritual practice of invoking the archetype or demon, following the established sheme, mantras and incenses, we can create the necessary atmosphere to allow us to make changes and modifications in our subconcious. This system uses classical Saturnian ceremonial magick techniques with a Left-Hand Path approach where demons and dark energies are invoked, working with deep aspects of the psyche.

Book specifications:

Standard edition

– 382 pages, bone-white 90 grams paper bookblock
– Cloth bound hardcover book
– 27 tarot cards deck
– Gold foil front cover sigil and title lettering printed to the spine
– Black/white dust-jacket
– Silk head/tail bands
– Rounded spine
– Black end-papers

Synopsis of The 83 Demons of Saturn.

Beneath the purple veils of starry nights, Saturn rises in the firmament like an enigmatic beacon, with its dazzling rings and its 83 moons, each of which harbors deep secrets in its shadows. “The 83 Demons of Saturn” is a master key that introduces us to a Saturnian gnosis, thus opening access to the unfathomable mysteries of this mysterious planet and its satellites.

In 2019, astronomers announced that Saturn had ascended to the throne of moons with a total of 82, a number that would increase to 83 in 2021. But what hidden meaning and unexplored power lies within these celestial bodies? Why does Saturn, with its majesty and commanding presence, stand as the supreme symbol of cosmic mystery and magic? Within the pages of this book, you will embark on a journey into the heart of Saturn’s mysteries. You will discover that each of its moons is an archetypal entity, a piece of the cosmic puzzle that reflects deep aspects of the human psyche. Known as “The 83 Demons of Saturn,” these moons are malevolent entities, agents of chaos, guardians of an ancient forbidden wisdom hidden in the shadows of the subconscious.

In this first volume of the “83 Demons of Saturn” series, we will begin to explore Saturn’s satellites from the first 27, steeped in Greek mythology, and you will be immersed in an inner journey. Each moon will challenge you to face your own shadows and discover unimagined potential. Through this process of self-discovery, you will learn to release the chains that imprison you and embrace your true essence.

Be warned, however, that this path is not for the indecisive or those who fear the unknown. Here, at the epicenter of Saturnian ceremonial left-hand magic, demons are summoned and dark energies dance on the edge of reason. It requires an unwavering spirit and meticulous preparation. This book is a grimoire of transformation and empowerment. Through ritual and ceremonial practice, those who seek courageously can unlock their true potential and transcend self-imposed limitations. Here, in the pages of “The 83 Demons of Saturn,” you will find a compass to traverse the realms of the psyche, explore the dark paths, and ultimately emerge as a being illuminated by the black flame of Saturn.

Are you ready to venture into the shadows of Saturn and discover your own hidden power? The journey begins now.