The Grimoire of the 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorash – Qirui Huo (Aeon Sophia)


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This book contains the complete transcript of the three magic manuscripts as regards the 72 Angels. It includes The Divine Cabal, The Book of the Cabala ie Lemoth or of Names, and The Schem-ham-maphoras. These manuscripts were originally written by Lazare Lenain and copied & translated by Frederick Hockley between 1840-1841. Besides the transcription, massive comparative annotation on relevant manuscripts are appended as well.

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Qirui Huo is an author from China, and an occultist and teacher, mainly studying in the field of Ceremonial Magic, Grimoire Tradition, especially Solomonic Magic, Angelic Magic, etc. In recent years, he spread Western occultism in China through lectures, articles, and books. he has also cooperated with other Occult authors transnationally by means of providing important manuscript materials or co-publishing magic books with them.

A brief description about the book by Qirui Huo:

The book is named The Grimoire of the 72 Angels of the Shemhamphorash. This book was preliminary edited in 2020.

The original materials used in the book are mainly based on the 3 magic manuscripts copied by Frederick Hockley between 1840-1841. They are The Divine Cabal, The Book of the Cabala ie Lemoth or of Names, and The Schem-ham-maphoras. The themes and contents of these manuscripts involve 72 Angels and Lazare Lenain’s La Science Cabalistique.

Regarding the first book, The Divine Cabal, this book mainly describes the relationship between the 72 Angels and the God name יהוה Tetragrammaton, the explanations that they correspond to or preside over various things in the world, and the information about 12 more Superior Angels ruling the 72 Angels and 12 Signs of the Zodiac. And more importantly, the Characters or Seals of each of these 72 Angels, and Prayers are given in the text. The whole book describes the practical instructions for working with these 72 Angels.

The second and third books, The Book of the Cabala ie Lemoth or of Names, and The Schem-ham-maphoras, are actually the English translation of La Science Cabalistique published in 1823 by the French author Lazare Lenain, a contemporary of Hockley. It is 3 centuries earlier than The Science of the Kabbalah (2020), which was recently published by Piers A. Vaughan. Meanwhile, Hockley’s copies is quite different from the original French of Lenain, in terms of 72 Attributes and Influences of God and of the 72 Angels. For this reason, I also showed these different French paragraphs in the footnotes and translated them into English so that the readers may see the differences between them.

Like the first book, these two manuscripts also record the Characters or Seals of the 72 Angels that are not included in Lenain’s book. These Seals are also very different from those of the 72 Angels from Arsenal MS 2495 given by Robert Ambelain in his book La Kabbale Pratique (1951).

In fact, by comparing all the manuscripts that I have found that record Seals of the 72 Angels, it can be seen that the Angels’ Seals recorded in Arsenal MS 2495 are very corrupt and incomplete.

In the process of writing this book, I referenced up to 5 manuscripts (They have all obtained publishing licenses from the Libraries), made their complete transcriptions and detailed notes, as well as many important tables to ensure the authority of my edition, and to provide the readers with comprehensive knowledge.

On the whole, the subjects of all the 3 books I have shown in this book are related to 72 Angels. The first book is a detailed practical explanation of invoking these angels, and the second and third books are theoretical guidance, mainly on the 72 Angels, their different Attributes and Offices. And these contents form a complete and detailed Grimoire of 72 Angels.

This book is like Lemegeton’s first book, Goetia. It is a living, practical, and important Angelic Grimoire. Like the enduring popularity of other works related to 72 Demons and 72 Angels, and the precious legacies left by Frederick Hockley, a famous occultist and manuscript scribe, I believe that through the sale of my book, it would bring brand new magical knowledge and practical experience to the majority of magic enthusiasts, magicians and scholars in the future.