Liber Evthanasias Lvx: The Grimoire of the Unborn – O.E.M XI (Fall of Man)


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Liber Evthanasias Lvx – The Grimoire of the Unborn is a book many years in the making, bringing forth the secret teachings of Gnosis 67, a Satanic order in its purest, most primordial form. For the first time, English speakers will have the chance to delve deep into the secret practices of this enlightened group of individuals, partaking in their Most Devoted Path.

These are initiatory and ceremonial practices whose main objective is to access the power of ADRAMALIKO, an amorphous entity that inhabits the knowledge and dimensions of what they call “the other side”. Liber Evthanasias Lvx – The Grimoire of the Unborn is a book for those who want to know these practices that involve events with sacrifice, physical martiality and even sexuality.

Through the pages of Liber Evthanasias Lvx – The Grimoire of the Unborn, the aspiring devotee will learn all the initiatory rites and detailed instructions necessary to become a part of a Gnosis Skull. By contacting vast spiritual forces, one unlocks their potential with what the Gnosis 67 calls “Pan-dimensional Antimatter Magic”.

As a devotee and under Zurvan’s designs, one can viscerally experience the power of the arts of this Gnosis. Without any doubt, one is no longer the same person after their first steps towards the spiritual adramalik enlightenment. An internal change takes place, and one’s perceptions about spacetime, life, and death are transformed. Through each practice, one’s connection with the energies is strengthened more and more, through dreams, visions, revelations, blessings, and tests. Understanding the last, as the constant presence of 333 daggers of Chorozon in the path of the devotee, one may suddenly realize that the entities that are part of the triangle have been present at many moments in one’s life, even before joining the Gnosis.

However, the devotee is not a ready and finished being, the changes undergone by the entities that follow the path of this Gnosis are constant. We are mutant beings, the titans of flesh of our age. Our bodies, minds, and spirits are constantly changing, our blessings come from a superior race, which do not have the same moral parameters as humanity. Our greatest god is an unfathomable and unintelligible dimension through logic, reason, and the human sciences. May all those who aspire to enter the path of the devotee have their hearts and souls shattered by the blessings of the Lord of Absolute Death, for we are no longer human, our bodies are altars of devotion and instruments of the will and purposes of the Blind Devil, who feeds himself on the suffering of this world. Our enlightenment will only be complete after our death.