Arbor de Magistro: Deluxe Edition – Nikolai Saunders


The Deluxe ‘Magister’ Edition, limited to 60 copies

This copy lacks the wooden box.

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An amazing work. Arbor de Magistro is the culmination of over a decade of intensive practical application. It is first and foremost a grimoire, a handbook for those seeking guidance into the realms of Aethyric evocation, but it also contains initiations. These initiations follow the premise that the Third Order work be devised by the Student. And, while anyone can proclaim themselves as a Magister, this book provides a glimpse into a formula devised based on an in-depth study of Thelema and Golden Dawn. The system presented in this volume uses the Enochian Aethyrs, which are regions of consciousness making up the known universe. Traditional evocation does not utilize the Aethyrs, nor does classical Enochian make use of the circle and triangle of Art. In this system though the magician makes use of all these tools. The final goal behind Arbor de Magistro is to provide a new system of evocation fusing Enochian (Aethyrs) and Solomonic Magick (Goetia). According to the author of this volume, Nikolai Saunders, “The Evocation of Spirits on different planes allows us to see them in different environments throughout the Universe. While the initial experiences with the Aethyrs should incorporate the governors as the spirit-guides, much can be gained by using this system to evoke a spirit like, for example, Lucifer from Grimoirum Verum in tandem with, or rather inside the 10th Aethyr of ZAX. The spirit can present an alternate viewpoint to these landscapes. Aleister Crowley and Victor Neuberg paved the way for this style of evocation with their “Evocation of Choronzon”, published in The Vision and the Voice. While this ritual is different in that Aleister Crowley invoked the tenth Aethyr in tandem with Neuberg, while Victor performed the evocation, there still are some similarities between the two methods”. There are vast, unresearched possibilities within this new synthetic system. With 91 governors and 30 Aethyrs we have about 2700 different combinations of spirit and Aethyr. Add in the Goetia and we have 72 spirits and 30 Aethyrs yielding approximately 2100 possibilities. Combining the two, we come up with around 5000 different combinations of spirit and Aethyr. Arbor de Magistro is a grimoire in the purest sense of the word, and as such it includes some detailed examples of evocation in the Aethyrs. It is though an advance volume and thus requires the magician to have previously worked with the Aethyrs, if one is to make proper use of the rituals described in this volume.This volume comes with several original illustrations and sigils that will facilitate the use of the rituals described within it.