Anima Satanae: The Book of Traditional Satanism: Deluxe Edition – Ophis Christos & Æshma Nachashomer (Fall of Man)


Deluxe Edition

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After the successful release of titles such as The Ophidic Essence and Black Book of Quimbanda, followed by years of silence, the Ordo Volucer Serpentis is back with a new offering. Anima Satanae: The Book of Traditional Satanism aims to describe the philosophy and Traditional Satanism practices according to the vision of the Ordo Volucer Serpentis, rescuing the essence of the Devil’s cult and helping those who intend to take their first steps into traditional Satanism. The Diabolic manifestations are described through different myths in a philosophical way, with several traditions that are brought forward in the narrative. However, the focus of Anima Satanae: The Book of Traditional Satanism is the Qliphotic Kabbalah and the diagram of the Tree of Death as its foundation. The Tree of Death, composed of ten shells which are receptacles of Black Light, and its twenty two tunnels that express the opposing will of Satan, represents a path which the Satanist must go through in order to overcome YHWH.  

Both the Otz Chiim (tree of life) and Otz Daath (the tree of death, the tree of knowledge of good and evil) are purely conceptual structures. The Qliphoth represent the different metaphysical powers of Chavajoth (HWHY), their desires being attenuated. Ascending Otz Daath represents the correction of our properties and the destruction of the layers that stand between us and the Divine, leading us to a noetic experience, an experience with the intelligible world. Anima Satanae: The Book of Traditional Satanism uses the teachings of the Kabbalah, but turning it against itself, invoking the Verb of anti-creation. 

In order to ascend the Tree of Death, the Satanist must first seek his absolute potential, overcome himself, going beyond the common man to cross the barrier of the mundane so that, in this way, he has great changes in his life, transmuting himself into another creature, in a renewed species, represented by the personification of the demon of the sphere of Thagirion, the Qlipha where man becomes the Devil, for the number of the Beast is the number of man and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.