Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra – Adinath Jayadhar & Siddheshwari Jayadhar (Fall of Man)


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After the successful Abhichara: Tantric Magic & Mysticism, Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar are back with a new title that dares to go deeper than anyone has gone before in the subject of Tantra. Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra is an encyclopedic tome about the radically transforming tradition of mysticism and magic of the god Bhairava and the goddess Kali. The book gives an all-embracing overview of this tradition at multiple levels, making it easier for its readers to develop a proper understanding. This work brings them closer to success in practicing the mystical and magical path of Kali and Bhairava and passes the energy of the deities onto those who read it. The book will give a better grasp into what Adinath Jayadhar and Siddheshwari Jayadhar discussed in Abhichara: Tantric Magic & Mysticism, deepening into the rituals and practices of this ancient tradition, while attempting to reconcile it with life in the modern world.
When a spiritual mystical-magical tradition as Kalan Dharma is too deep, panoramically wide and high, it surpasses the possibilities of an ordinary person to enjoy its beauty. Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra is designed to awaken a person from the hibernation of samsara, and it will either raise potential adepts or depress, frighten and irritate idiots. A noble person will find a way and method to ennoble and spiritualize even the profane, and a profane will pervert and vulgarize even the most spiritual and noble. Ancient Indians said: “As the clouds overshadow the sun, so the crowds of fools who are like cattle spatter all the wonderful and worthy with mud.” A fool cannot see the wisdom and spiritual greatness of the true devotees of Dharma and Tantrism.
Bhairava-Kali-Dharma: Manifestations of Tantra is a multi-faceted work; it’s a revolutionary call to arms that sometimes reads like a political manifest and others as a detailed guide to how to fully live a life as a follower of Kalan Dharma, from the correct choice of partner to goals and aspirations in life. It’s a book that breaks taboos, discussing things forbidden practices such as cannibalism, and the use of drugs and sex as short-cuts to spiritual freedom. This is done because help in spiritual self-improvement must include not only truths distracted from our daily lives but also an explanation of what is happening today in mass religions, politics, ethics and culture. In the words of Adinath himself: “I know that a pervert will pervert these words, and a dim-witted person will understand nothing at all; only 5% of people will appreciate my words. This book is addressed specifically to this 5% – to the true elite of human beings from the point of view of Bhairava-Kali-Dharma and its Gods.”