The Sound of His Horn and Other Stories – Sarban (Tartarus Press)


The Sound of His Horn and Other Stories by Sarban is a 331 page, sewn hardback book printed lithographically on acid-free paper, with headbands, tailbands, silk ribbon marker and dust jacket.

Third Tartarus Press printing.

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The Sound of His Horn is a classic novel of the uncanny. Alan Querdillion escapes a prisoner of war camp only to find himself in an alternative future in which the Nazis have won the Second World War. Against a sylvan backdrop the legend of the Wild Huntsman is revived and genetic experiments have created strange hybrids. Humans are hunted for game, haunted by the sound of the Huntsman’s horn.

In addition to The Sound of His Horn, this new edition adds the stories previously collected in The Sacrifice and Other Stories: The Sacrifice/ The Sea-Things/ Number Fourteen/ The King of the Lake.