Whispers Of The Hidden Path – Sean Woodward (Sirius)


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The whispers of the hidden path are the voices of those Hoodoo and Les Vudu that guide us still and these words are my own attempt to interpret them and to demonstrate the way in which the hidden path continues to be of relevance, whether those voices are heard from a moment ago, a century ago or thousands of years in the past. They inform our research, for this hidden path invites exploration and calls out to those aspects that interest and engage each of us the most.

It is one of the ironies of the Leng Mythos that these hidden ways stretch in every direction across time and space and perhaps can only be understood when we view them from the perspective of a giant sorcerous spider amidst a quivering web spanning Universe-A and Universe-B.

This Incredible book includes revised collection which gathers together many first published in the Qliphoth and Sabbatica journals, and new stuff and visual art too.

I invite you to come with me now and travel that web, crossing between what is real and dream, what is heard and what is not, what is seen and what is unseen.

238 pages

Includes the Cd-r “Star Spiders”




The Egyptian Revival

Necronauts of Leng

The Necromancy Machine

The Year of the Black Snake Cult

The Eye of Kal Thalin

The Hoodoo Kingdom

Transyuggothian Orbits

Zothyrian Meta-Magick

Blackmouth Beach

Spider Sorcerors of Universe-B

Shaman of Leng

The Fires of Sat B’Hai

ZAL Speaks!

Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua