Call of The Morrigan – Celts Beneath the Shroud – Dan Talon Rucker (Sirius)


Standard Hard Cover Edition

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This book unveils an intriguing tale about the Celts of Southern Iberia and the Crow Goddess, Morrigna, during the Bronze Age (Hallstatt Era). It focuses on the Iberian Chieftain, Lord Mil Espaine, rebuilding his deceased father’s stronghold, and protecting his clan against an oppression of invading spirits and unyielding discord.


These vengeful entities manifest from the shadows of chaos. They haunt his dreams and threaten all hopes of a newfound paradise. Alone and severely weakened by the ensuing tragedies, the chieftain must face the deeds of his past to ensure his clan’s survival through the powers offered by the Crow Goddess. The unfolding events drive Lord Mil to the depths of despair, forcing him to face his fate beyond the existence of mere corporeal beings.


In a unique light, this work gives prominence to the themes of personal empowerment and reverence for the Goddess Morrigna, protector of strength and sovereignty, in times of tribulation. ‘Call of The Morrigan’ is an essential, introspective journey that interweaves throughout the mortal and spiritual realms of the Ancient Celts.


This book comes in colorful hard cover, features over 20 illustrations by the author, druidic chants to the Crow Goddess, verses from Ancient Sumeria, and an elegantly designed altar cloth. Limited to 111 copies, and include 350 pages