Harab Serapel; Ravens Of The Burning God – S.Ben Qayin & Edgar Kerval (Sirius Esoterica)


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The Grimoire reveals a basic introductory path of the qlipha A’rab Zaraq exploring the gnosis of the arcanum of the Raven of death symbolizing the soul of the adept flying to self–liberation, leading to total ecstasy, breaking the dualities of reason and madness, life and death in an alchemical transformation in which the adept transcends reality using the psychic abilities as weapons, developing hidden faculties through the sacred wisdom under the gnosis of the raven of dispersion. The grimoire includes diverse ritual practices from pathworkings and invocations into aetheric explorations of the formula of Putrefaction-Death-Decomposition.This is a gradual process of learning diverse path workings,self-divinity mastery and self-understanding on all levels.