Vitkaboða: The Summoning of the Warlocks and Sages – Ljóssál Lóðursson (Ophiolatreia Press)


Third edition

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The manuscript contains a collection of more than 100 Galdrastafir related to the Þursian powers, and another spirits linked with the dark aspect of the Norse Tradition. For the author this Galdrabók is a key to open the locks to connect with the sorcery and the runes from Ásviðr (he who is against the gods), one of the more ancient giants from Múspellheimr. These magic symbols are aimed at overcoming and obtaining victory in different fields, like the Meginstafir (Staves to obtain Power), Setastafir (Staves to do Útiseta), Blótastafir (Staves for Sacrifice and Offering), Lækningagaldur (Healing Magic), Kvennstafir (Love Staves), Tröllskot (Magic Shots), Varnarúnar (Runes for Protection), Spá (Prophecy and Divination), Þursastafir (Staves of the Giants) and another topics or purposes in the magic process.