The Dalecarlian Runes – Wurmaz (Seidr of Death)


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The Dalecarlian runes are a unique type of runes which seem to have been developed from the so-called medieval rune alphabet during the late 16th century in northern parts of the Swedish historical province Dalecarlia (Swedish: Dalarna). In 1594 the runology pioneer Johannes Bureus claims to have learnt how to read and write runes (according to some maybe even from some Dalecarlians). Five years later, in 1599, he released his first runological work, the so-called ‘big runic board’, i.e., a big copper engraving called Runekänslanes Lärespån (‘The learning examples of the runic knowledge’). Among the plenitude of contents on the board Bureus also lists the names of the Dalecarlian runes in alphabetical order::

ar, birke, knäsol, dors, er, fir, gir, hagal, is, kan, lagh, madhär,
nådh, or, pir, qua, re, sol, tir, ur, äcs, års, halfårs, helårs.

The Dalecarlian runes came to be used amongst the peasant population in northern Dalecarlia up until the early 20th century, maybe even as late as 1929!

In this book the author is trying to present these runes’ basic history and finally also makes an approach into the interpretations of Bureus’ Dalecarlian rune names and how these can help us in a contemporary spiritually practical implementation.

90 pages.
1st edition
Hard cover (case laminate with dust jacket)