The Explosion of a Chandelier – Damian Murphy (Occult Press)


Standard hardcover edition of 240 hand-numbered copies, thread-stitched and lithographically printed in Italy on Fedrigoni 120 g/m Arena ivory rough. Cover printed on textured blue Italian paper [printed in ivory, with gold subsequently printed over the ivory]. Endpapers in buff 170 g/m Italian paper. 156 pages.

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The Explosion of a Chandelier is a labyrinthine story of anarchists, bombs, impetuous youth, scandalous rites and extravagant visions, mutinous angels, intricate games, and the ritual seduction of an old hotel, all of which revolve around The House of Amaryllis, a place of gnostic exaltation and luxuriant delirium in the Spain of Alfonso XIII. ∼ Damian Murphy.

The chapter headings are as follows:

∼ The Strangling of the Sentinels
∼ The Explosion of a Chandelier
∼ The House of Amaryllis
∼ The Bomb
∼ The Secret Axis
∼ The Hotel Delicias
∼ Behemoth
∼ Majesty The Queen