The Fortunate Isles – Lisa L. Hannett (Egaeus Press)


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The Fortunate Isles collects fourteen tales of salt-crusted weirdness from the rugged, cold-clime harbour village of Barradoon…

Barradoon: the limit of worldly navigation; stronghold of sea-myths and ancient forces; a place of simmering tension and ruthless vengeance meted out by human and inhuman alike.

These densely wrought, boundlessly inventive stories form, in their totality, a singularly strange mosaic novel of sorts – ever twisting and writhing like a storm-charged ocean. Yet they are never out of the meticulous control of Lisa Hannett’s masterly storytelling.

The table of contents is as follows:

Introduction by Kirstyn McDermott
A Right Pretty Mate
Another Mouth
The Honey Stomach
The Escape
Out at the Shillingate Isles
A Tanglesmithed Tale
A Shot of Salt Water
The Widows Guild
Deep in the Drift, Spinning
Shrithing Sandwards

The book is a lithographically printed, 220 page hardback with printed endpapers; limited to just 325 copies.