Rúnameistari – Ljóssál Lóðursson (Ophiolatreia Press)


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Rúnameistari is the sequel to the book Rúnalist, this manuscript was created as a “spell-book” in which you can find various recipes, spells, formulas and runic sendings that can help you in your personal growth process. You will find additional kennings for the runes, about 67 new Icelandic rune poems, 85 magic symbols between bandrúnir (bindrunes) and samanstafir (same-staves) related to bótrúnar (healing-runes) and sóttrúnar (sickness-runes) and 115 sendingar (sendings) runic formulas for various purposes. These are tools enough to strengthen, improve or perfect your rune magic, but within all this there is an even more valuable treasure trove for you to discover.

What the author present to you in this book has been for his personal process a catalyst for rúnagaldra or runic magic on many levels, for once you develop the steps or methods suggested here, you will never look at runic magic as before.

With these instructions you will be able to develop much of your creative, semantic and thaumaturgical potential, something that the ancient skalds and magicians alike possessed, the óðr, the divine inspiration.