Mills of Silence – Charles Wilkinson (Egaeus Press)


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Anybody fortunate enough to have read either of Egaeus Press’s previous Charles Wilkinson collections will already be familiar with the unique worlds his tales inhabit. On the face of it, these are often recognisable realities populated by ordinary people; conspicuously so perhaps! Yet they are realities whose gossamer veneers are liable to tear, prone to reveal the insidious agencies, mad philosophers, fake-philanthropic organisations and amorphous forces that are really running things!

With Mills of Silence, Charles Wilkinson presents a collection of eleven short stories as well as a previously unpublished novella, constituting his most expansive and essential work to date.

The full table of contents is as follows:

Part I : The Uncertain Staircase
The Immaterialists
A Coastal Quest
The Surrey Alterations
Beyond the Lace
These Words, Rising from Stone
The Private Thinker
Evening at the Aubergine Café
To Sharpen, Spin
The Migration of Memories
The Horseshoe Homes
Part II : Mills of Silence


The book is a lithographically printed, 256 page hardback with tinted endpapers (from a photograph by Eugène Atget), limited to 325 copies.