Hecate & The Black Arts: Liber Necromantia – Michael W. Ford (Manus Sinistra)


Edition strictly limited to 250 cloth hardcover.

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his book is a Left-Hand Path exploration of the Nightside manifestations of Hecate, Necromancy, and Black Magick. Necromancy is presented for purposes of divination, paranormal possibilities with seeking daimonic spirits and ghosts, invoking daimonic underworld deities and spirits for the purpose of absorbing energies and Apotheosis.

Luciferian initiation by the patronage of Hecate and the practical application of the Luciferian High Magick of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis. Balanced with a non-dualistic approach, the Luciferian is guided by the structure of the work to understand the different aspects of Hecate and the daimons and deities of Hades.

This work was structured and prepared in a way which by reading the magickial composition of the mytho-magical descriptions of the Underworld, the imagination in alignment with a passive investment of inspiration (visualizing the work internally in your thoughts and associations) is an initiatory and Black Magickial working without any actual ritual performed.

Luciferian Witchcraft ceremonial invocations, spells, and communion with Hecate are revealed in a simple and practical way for the serious Left-Hand Path aspirant. Your aim is to understand and interpret the hidden meanings of concepts such as darkness, the Underworld, anti-cosmic chaos and primal forces involving self-mastery and balanced earthly power, liberating restrictive beliefs including what is good and evil, destruction as preceding acts of creation, and more.

Cover art by Daniel Corcuera Urzua, slipcase (deluxe edition) by Witch Vessel and the artwork of Mitchell Nolte, Chris Undirheimar, Leonardo Avila, Asenath Mason, Francesco Saverio Ferrara, and Ramses Melendez.