The Tree of Death and the Qliphoth – Jonathan Barlow Gee (Manus Sinistra)


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“The Tree of Death and the Qliphoth” is a book on evil. Beginning with the works about demonology of Steve Savedow, Kenneth Grant, A. E. Waite and Aleister Crowley, a new model of Kabbalistic tree is proposed that combines the classical Tree of Life and the modern Tree of Death as a means of listing the entire hierarchy of hell. Each devil’s history is then explored to reveal the true origin of monotheist demonology is the pantheon of prior polytheisms. Other avenues of evil are also explored – including the futility of ordering the tarot, chaos and toxic magick, the 10 mortal and 7 venal sins, and more.

Ultimately, this book examines the demonization of deities and raises the question about the future of monotheism: when will the God of today become the Devil of tomorrow? Rev. Jonathan Barlow Gee compiled this work in 2005, following publishing his first book –a textbook on metaphysics and theoretical cosmologies– two years before. In 2004, Gee worked on the “neo-Enochian” material and developed his “Atlantean Calendar” model. In 2007, Gee founded the Pythagorean Order of Death as a school of metaphysics. Since then, Rev Gee has authored over many books and produced so many more audiovisual material, including documentaries and music videos. He can be found on the internet by searching the screen-name Benpadiah.