Crowley on Christ – Francis King (C. W. Daniel)


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It would be easy to write pages in praise of Crowley on Christ, but, ‘good wine needs no bush’; here is a treasury of Aleister Crowley’s wit, wisdom and criticism which, even if it was the only book its author had written, would suffice to rebut the slander that Crowley was a pleasure-seeking fraud whose occultism was no more than making a religion out of his weakness.

Originally entitled, The Gospel According to St Bernard Shaw, this work was intended as a destructive critique of Bernard Shaw’s, Androcles and the Lion, but as Crowley wrote, it became transformed into a detailed, intensely readable and most amusing analysis of the Life of Christ, of the Gospels, and of Christianity itself – a definitive study of the orthodox religion of Europe and North America from the point of view of Crowleyan magick.