The Holy Books of Thelema – Aleister Crowley (Weiser)


Weiser, hardcover 1984

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The Holy Books of Thelema consists of the wholly class A libri of Aleister Crowley, which indicates that they that are not to be changed, even to the letter. According to Crowley, they were not so much written by him as through him, and are therefore referred to as inspired works. Additionally, Liber LXI, a class D text, is included as an introduction after a preface by Hymenaeus Alpha and synopsis compiled from Crowley’s writings. Liber LXI was originally class A, then changed to class B, indicating works of scholarship, then changed to class D, indicating official rituals and instructions. Liber I was originally a Class B document but was reclassified as class A in 1913, and so it is included in The Holy Books of Thelema. The majority of these texts were written between the years 1907 and 1911. They are listed in numerical order, following their designation in Roman numerals, with the exception of Liber XXXI which immediately follows Liber CCXX.