The Vision and the Voice: With Commentary and Other Papers – Aleister Crowley (Weiser)


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iber 418, The Vision and the Voice is the record of Aleister Crowley’s exploration of the 30 Æthyrs of the Enochian system of magick developed by Elizabethan magicians Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley. Crowley obtained these visions in Mexico in 1900m and in Algeria in 1909. The are the source of many key spiritual doctrines of Thelema, particularly concerning the theogony of the All-Father Chaos and the goddess Babalon. They give an account of the transcendence of the Ego by crossing the Abyss, and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple. This new edition adds previously unpublished material, including new explanatory diagrams, illustrations designed by Crowley, and the actual Algerian diary record. Unlike other available editions of The Vision and the Voice, this volume includes Crowley’s extensive and illuminating commentary.

This collection features several works that complement Liber 418, The Vision and the Voice, giving details of Crowley’s other advanced initiations and magical workings.
Liber 325, The Bartzabel Working gives ritual instructions for the evocation of the Spirit of Mars, and includes the first publication of the actual record of the group ritual evocation of this spirit conducted by Crowley in 1910.
Liber 60, The Ab-ul-Diz Working, gives an account of the astral communications with an Adept named Ab-ul-Diz in 1911 that led to the writing of Crowley’s Book 4 .
Liber 415, The Paris Working, is the record of a series of sexmagical workings conducted in 1914, designed to restore the worship of several of the gods of pagan antiquity. It includes The Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven.
This book collects the diaries of Aleister Crowley for 1909–1914 in one volume.