Vestigia Ater Draconis – Peter-Hamilton Giles (Atramentous Press)


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Vestigia Ater Draconis is comprised of a 52 stanza incantation reifying the initiatory path issued from the auspice of the sinistral horn, scribed by Peter Hamilton-Giles. Each stanza is paired with an emission of imagic intent wrought by the hand of Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. The transmission also contains 52 sorcerous tenets acting as edicts for those who wish to walk the wonderous telluric path of the dirt track road.

There are three Standard Editions to select from, each with a limitation of 111 copies. The first is dedicated to the Black Bull, the second to the Toad and the third to the Raven. Each will have both a dedication and sigil specific to that totem of the sinistral horn. These are bound in burgundy/blood red cloth with gold foil blocking to front and spine.