Book of the Black Dragon Volume 2: The Headless One – Peter Hamilton-Giles (Atramentous Press)


Comes with Talismanic original art

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Comes in a solander box in marbled quarter Moroccan presentation and foil blocking, the same as the previous deluxes. On the inside of the solander there will be a blind embossed AP logo placed in the velvet. The book itself will be swathed in black goat leather, while the book block will consist of a higher quality paper than that which the standard was printed on.

Also, the deluxe edition will comprise of two foil block colours, marbled endpapers, book ribbon, head and tail bands, foil blocking on the inside casement front and back, and each book will also come with its own unique piece of sigillic artwork by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles. Each piece of artwork will bind an aspect of the volume into that specific copy. £700 exc. Postage and Packing.