Trackless Paths – Benjamin Tweddell (Egaeus Press)


The book is a 244 page hardback with printed endpapers; featuring as its cover an original painting by Irah Solomon Stewart. It is limited to just 325 copies.

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TRACKLESS PATHS – a collection of unsettling, esoteric, melancholic tales by BENJAMIN TWEDDELL – is now available to order.

Rarely are the realms of the unseen, the unknowable secrets of human life and death, so masterfully evoked than in Tweddell’s meticulous prose. Rarely do we find ourselves sharing the same deadly longings, the same sadness as his doomed protagonists. Arcane knowledge often comes at a heavy price.

Having previously appeared in small runs, all long out-of-print, the stories included in this Egaeus Press book are :

A Crown of Dusk and Sorrow
The Measurer of All Things
The Veneration at Polwheveral Manor
The Paths of the Dead
The Salix Arcanum
The Place of Remaking