A Crown of Dusk and Sorrow – Benjamin Tweddell (Mount Abraxas)


2nd edition. 2023

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Aptly named were the Blackdown hills – for black, indeed, were the shadows beneath the trees, and dark the leaves which crowned them. It was here that Daniel found, at last, a refuge from the grief which followed his wife’s death. In those lonely woods of oak and elm, and the hidden combes where bubbled a hundred springs, he discovered at last, tranquillity. But, with the provincial bookshop he owns mired in debt, his happiness has slowly dwindled to quiet desperation. By chance, Daniel meets a local antiquarian, who is researching the obscure medieval hermit, Wulfric of Culmhead. Together, the trail leads them to an ancient burial mound, in the depths of the Blackdowns, where once Wulfric was reputed to hold numinous vigil.