Black Mass: The Sabbatic Tradition of Shaitan & the Sexual Sorcery of the Qliphotic Dark Paths: Hardcover – Thomas Karlsson (Manus Sinistra)


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There are certain times when some epoch-making books come out. They had not been able to write either before or after. When contemporary classic Qabalah, Qliphoth and the Goetic Magic was written it became a paradigm-shifting book, this book is the deserving continuation and constitutes the second part of a Dark Magic Trilogy.
Now it’s time to go even deeper into the Dark Mysteries. With the book: Black Mass: The Sabbatic Tradition of Shaitan & the Sexual Sorcery of the Qliphotic Dark Paths we reach the front lines of science, but with the magician’s ambition to make this a practice.
The book is a Black Bible for all who are on The Left-Hand Path, and The Dark Spirituality. What for science are theories, is translated here into practice. With roots in the ancient Dark Mystery Cults.
As you read the book, you will realize that Black Holes are not somewhere in an abstract Universe, but are so close to you that you do not see them. And they are the way into the “Other Side”, Sitra Ahra, where intelligences far more advanced than us, are waiting to guide those who have a serious intention.
This book will open your eyes, and give you the tool, to fulfil the Serpent’s promise in Genesis 3:5: “you shall eat thereof, your eyes shall be opened: and you shall be as Gods, knowing good and evil.”
The author Dr. Thomas Karlsson, is a World leading pioneer of the Dark Path with a Ph.D. at Stockholm University, Sweden, and Fellow Researcher at Yale University, USA, Director of The Esoteric Crossroads Conferences, Capri, Italy, and with 35 years of experience of the Dark Arts. In this book, he shares his knowledge so that more and more people will be able to practice the true wisdom from The Dark Path