The Red Shepherd (Collector’s Edition) – Samuel David (Anathema)


Collector’s Hardcover Edition (Limited to approx. 1000 copies — 2023): Format: 5.25 x 8.25 inches (215.9 X 133.35 mm Portrait). 192 pages. Hardbound 100pts, Half-bound in ‘Rust’ Stone-Like Textured Material and Iridescent Weave Ivory-colored buckram bookcloth. Bronze foil blocking on rounded spine. Bronze & White foil stamping front cover. Carmine Red + Black interior, with Vermillion colored, textured Endpapers. Dark Brown Headband and Tailband. Fully Illustrated by Rowan E. Cassidy. Fine typography, design & layout by Joseph Uccello. Preface by ceremonial magician Alexander Eth, host of the Glitch Bottle podcast. Printed on Fedrigoni’s Freelife Kendo White 150gsm paper. Comes with a numbered tipped-in carton-plate signed by the Author.

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Popular myth would have us believe that the god, Dumuzid, was merely an effete, helpless shepherd who aroused Inanna’s wrath and amounted to little more than a footnote.


Magical formulæ, ritual texts, and obscure narratives all point to someone of greater significance. Through these, we discover a god who is second in command to Ereškigal, the goddess of the Underworld; the son of Enki and commander of chthonic spirits; king-consort and high priest; warrior and captain of the host; divine watchman at the gates of Heaven.


Through this collection of lacunæ, ritual, and magical texts derived solely from historical translations and personally applied practice, Samuel David ushers you into the presence of this bewildering god whose very name is the breath of life; the psychopomp who leads ghosts in his train; the divine mediator and lord of taboo.




¶ Lacunae Myths of the God

The Shepherd
The Son
The Bridegroom
The King
The Descent
The Ascent

¶ Liturgy of the God

He Who Stands Watch
He Who Delights His Mother, He Who Delights His City’s God
He Who Comes Forth In Radiant Splendor
He Who Stands In Eternal Joy
He Who Stands Upon the Road of Lamentation
He Who Rises Anew


¶ Rites of the God

The Sheepfold
The Horned One of the Steppe
The Hand of the Kurgarrû
The Petition to Utu for the Aid of Spirits
The Allalu Bird
The Cult Image
The Syncretic Rite to the God of Many Faces

¶ The God in Retrospect

The God
The Names & Epithets of the God
The Cult Centers & Temples of the God
The Cult Festivals of the God