Pillars: A Wayfarer’s Hearth – Anathema


Hardcover Edition (Limited to approx. 700 copies — 2021): 6.5 x 9.5 inches. 264 pages. Hardbound 90pts, Fine ‘Canapetta’ Italian bookcloth, matte brown foil stamp designs on rounded spine and on the cover; blind deboss on the cover and on the back cover; full colour interior, and ‘Maroon’ ‘Handspun texture finish’ endpapers. Dark Brown Headbands. Cover illustration by artist Ross Fleming (Hens Tongue). Fine typography; illustrated thoroughly by various artists; printed on Cougar Natural 160M archive-quality paper. Hand-numbered individually.

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Come rest by the hearth’s fire and warm yourself, now that your travels are at an end.

The night is long, and we are in no hurry. This is a time for reflection, to think back on where you have been – and where it has led you to.

Whether you have crossed oceans or deserts, wound your way through labyrinthine cities or long-forgotten ghost towns, followed untrodden paths or the pilgrim’s well-worn way – you are no longer the same, and you have wisdom to share.

This is the Wayfarer’s Hearth: a gathering of voices and a recollection of transformative spiritual journeys.

+ + + + +

These are the reminiscences, lessons learned, and personal accounts we seek for the next edition of PILLARS.

For those who have been deeply affected in esoteric ways by our travels to other lands, who have had our perceptions altered through cultural immersion, through being confronted with our own fears and prejudices. For those who have had our eyes pried open, our inner-selves irreversibly changed.

For our next collection, we seek stories of wandering, initiation, and of inner alchemical transmutation. We want to hear from those who have travelled far in search of a teacher, or who have been surprised by an unexpected revelation while abroad.

Today, travel is not a reality for many of us. The pandemic has suddenly made our lives much smaller in terms of where we can physically be, and so many of us turn to our bookshelves instead. Our imaginations become vessels, ferrying us away to distant shores where new gods, truths, philosophies, religious precepts, and histories await.

CONTRIBUTORS: Aaron Cheak (PhD), Aleco Julius, Brian Cotnoir, Carl Abrahamsson, Carl Austin Hyatt, Darragh Mason, Dr. Dearthrice DeWitt, Evan Davies, Gabriel McCaughry, Gloria D.N.E., Gavin Fox, Humberto Maggi, Ian C. Edwards (PhD), Johnny Decker Miller, Johana Reuter, Jennifer Chiasson, Jack Grayle, Kazim, Kim Schwenk, Matthew Olmsted, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Philipp Müller, Rosemary Stehlik, Ross Fleming, Shani Oates, Suzanne Read, Tasha Menary, Viktoria Polikarpova (28 contributors!).