The Inner Gateways of Lam – André Consciência (Sirius Esoterica)


The standard edition,  limited to 111 copies

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“One of the only true keyholders of the Maatian gnosis, André Consciência forms a master synthesis between the many tentacles of cultus that have arisen from magickal work with the esoteric supercomputer known as LAM and provides many yogic and mystical techniques of visualization to guide the practitioner through the dense fields of Choronzonic noise that oozes out of the egg shell once cracked. What’s more, is that like all those who come before him, as a true initiator, Consciência provides blueprints for inner-space tech that will help the initiate integrate their own mystery into the mystery of all mysteries.” -H.P. Bob-Ra-Inanna, Temple of Babalon-Choronzon This work becomes a life path that may be integrated step by step with simple methods that require complex efforts and intense dedication. It is the natural consequence of André’s book Stellar Magic (Falcon Books Publishing) and it continues the Path of Ipsos Vol II (Sirius Limited Esoterica). Yet it stands on its own and spurs from the author’s practices with the Grimoire of Zal by Sean Woodward paired with his initiation into the Vodun of Haiti under Dr. Shreeram Iyer who gave André, as well, important inside knowledge of the traditions of Kashmir Shaivism. Likewise, this cauldron shows in-depth the author’s practice of Michael Bertiaux’s systems. Here, in the labyrinth that starves illusion, we are given an inner temple architecture of unique circuits to know and become LAM.