Liber Thagirion: The Draconian Grimoire of the Black Sun (Deluxe edition) – Asenath Mason (Sirius)


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Thagirion is the central Qlipha on the Qabalistic Tree of Night, or Tree of Death. Like Tiphereth, existing on the Tree of Life, it is the heart of the universe and the mediator between the worlds above and the worlds below. Yet, while Tiphereth is the Sun of the Dayside, representing Cosmic Balance, Harmony and Integrity, Thagirion is called the Disputer, or Litigator, and symbolizes Hollowness and the principle of Disintegration, the Black Sun of the Qlipoth. It is the force of Transgression, the inner portal to the Void which powers up the Desire of Evolution. It is also one of the hardest ordeals on the path, as it exposes the Initiate to Solitude, when all guides and allies abandon us and we are left alone in the darkness of the Nightside in order to learn the meaning of Isolation and Independence – the true foundations of Godhood. Rituals and meditations included in this grimoire will guide the reader through the mysteries of the Black Sun from the perspective of the Draconian Initiate. The book is centered on the Tree of Qlipoth as the emanation and manifestation of the Dragon of the Void, the timeless magical current behind the Draconian Tradition. It introduces the reader into the magic of Thagirion through the Qabalistic concept of the Qlipoth and the antinomian current of the Adversary, which is the Path of Isolation and the part of the Left Hand Path tradition, and the rituals included in the book are designed for a solitary practitioner of Draconian self-initiatory magic