The Gift of the Kos’mos Cometh! A Homage to Night and Kosmos – Mount Abraxas Press


2023 edition

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An homage to the the naked starlight, the immortal nectar which overflows the boundaries of the chalice of night, gushing forth in fountains and streams and rivulets, cleansing the gears of the machinery of sleep, rolling forth like a tide of radiant dew to wash away the iniquities of day. To the Great Night of the ancients, to stars and constellations long since forgotten, to the night of blasphemy and heresy, to the senseless Kosmos of the Demiurge and of Azathoth, the sightless monarch of monotony’s empire and regent of the infinite wastes. To Ain Soph, the immaculate void of the Kabbalists, the perfect potentiality of the Absolute and the annihilation of the contemplative, the ascetic, the undefiled lover of the Pure One. To the abominable city of dreadful night, to the burned and blackened ruins of Piranesi and Bruegel, to the miserable curses of the wretched and the damned, abandoned and forsaken beneath the ravenous stars of perilous winters. To N.O.X. and to LAYLAH, to BABALON and CHAOS, to NUIT, the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night sky, sublime and holy body of eternity unveiled, divine drunkenness of poets and of prophets, of mystics and of madmen. O guiding dark of Night, O dark of Night more darling than the dawn, your light is more dear than the lilies of the day. There are Gifts and Sights that Kos’mos brings to those with Eyes to see. We need more Eyes! We need more Eyes!

Galaction by Andrew Condous
The Dark Dao by Quentin S. Crisp
Vision to the Dark: An Adventure by John Howard
In the Endless House, in the Dreamless Sleep by Thomas Stromsholt
The Lost Words by Harold Billings
The Exctinction Hymnbook by Alcebiades Diniz
It is Kindness and Mythology by Joseph Dawson
Black Night Testament by Jonathan Wood
Sleep’s Lost Labour by D.F. Lewis
Archontes Ascendant by D.P. Watt
Cast the Seed into the Heart of the Night by Stephan Friedman
Nocternity by Avalon Brantley
Altars by John Gale
Black Chroma by Adam S. Cantwell
The Hour of the Minotaur by Damian Murphy
Dance for a Winter Moon by Colin Insole
The Passenger from Mornoloc by Charles Schneider