The Celestial Art, Essays on Astrological Magic: Deluxe Edition – Austin Coppock and Daniel A. Schulke


A deluxe hardcover, quarter bound in black goat and marbled paper, with slipcase, limited to fifty copies.

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t is a fact of history that the origins of magic and medicine are rooted in the Starry Wisdom of the ancients. Their intersection is evident at numerous and varied points on the timeline. Crumbling stellar-aligned temple complexes, fragmentary Graeco-Egyptian spell books, medieval grimoires and early modern apothecary manuals all testify to the deep enmeshment of the terrestrial and celestial.

Astrology is, in essence, an occult science, whose principles underlie the vast majority of the hermetic tradition. Beyond the observation of stars and planets for omens auguring future events, the diverse celestial powers of the firmament have been drawn upon by theurgic and thaumaturgic magic. Carefully timed and engraved talismans sought to imbue earthly matter with the luminous power of planets and stars. What radiates in the heavens also gives forth its power on earth: in herbs, stones, animals, and in the affairs of humanity. Magicians have long sought to direct those emanations, to shape the below by means of the above.

Yet since the disastrous disenchantment of the Western world, above and below have drifted apart, and the fruit of their union, the Celestial Art, has withered. This enfeeblement, however, has begun to reverse. Fresh flowers and ripe fruits appear again, as translations of the fundamental texts of magic and astrology restore to each art its roots, and reveal the many points at which the two great trees embrace and entwine.

The Celestial Art gathers together twelve essays on specific aspects of astrological magic, examining essence and practical application. Among the topics of research are Vedic Astrology, Alchemy, Greek Astrological Herbalism, the Planetary Magic of the Sābians of ancient Harrān, the place of the Celestial Art in early modern British Magic, and practical planetary sorcery.

Contributions to the volume include:

Aaron Cheak, PhD Thigh of Iron, Thigh of Gold
Freedom Cole The Pulsation of the Cosmos
Austin Coppock A Feast of Starlight
Al Cummins, PhD The Azured Vault
Demetra George Thessalos of Tralles: On the Virtues of Herbs
Benjamin Dykes, PhD The Planetary Magic among the Harrānian Sābians
John Michael Greer Sources of Power in Medieval and Modern Magic
Lee Lehman, PhD The Conjunction of Electional Astrology and Magic
Jason Miller The Perfect and the Good
Eric Purdue On Identifying Presiding Daemons and Geniuses from an Astrological Chart
Daniel A. Schulke The Planetary Viscera of Witchcraft
Mallorie Vaudoise Dark Matter

Featuring some of the most important voices in contemporary astrology and magic, the book augurs, in no small part, the restoration of astrological magic, and the reconciliation of contemporary astrology with modern occult tradition.