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Deluxe edition. Olive full Goatskin. One of 125 copies.

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Cover by Tomasz Kopera • Sir Ripley’s Vision of the Toad, illustrated by Joseph Uccello • Introduction: Of Keys, Locks, and Doors • Art by Jake Baddeley, Ben Tolman, Tom Allen, Sasan, Rima Staines, Benjamin Vierling, Mitchell Nolte and Paco Dietz • One Beyond Twelve by Martin Duffy • Beyond the Paths of Frustration: Daath Gnosis by Craig Williams • A Treatise of Mercury and The Philosopher’s Stone by Sir George Ripley • Shaddai’s Gate: Passing Through the Dream-Door of the Moon by Frater A.I. • The Commonplace Book of Francis Grosvenor by Ben Fernee • Conjunction – Black Sun, Black Moon by Edward Kelley • Diablo Stigmata: Considerations of the Witch’s Mark by Daniel A. Schulke • Entreaty of Cain retold by Charles Godfrey Leland • Nebiros et Ars Necromantica by Johnny Jakobsson • Occult Aesthesis: Toward an Esoteric Theory of the Art Object by Tom Allen.