The Book of Smokeless Fire ii – S. Ben Qayin (Sirius)


The Grimoire comes in hard cover. Includes 123 pages and colorful plates. Foreword By Michael W. Ford , Original Artwork By Kyle Fite. The books comes in middle letter (8 x 10) Inches.

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Where “The Book of Smokeless Fire” reintroduced to the world, the Djinn of the house of ‘Taw-All’, and gave it the means to set them free against deserving targets, “The Book of Smokeless Fire II; Into the Crucible” picks up and continues the sinister tradition. Now that the Djinn have been reintroduced and a new system of evocation established, it’s now time to delve deeper, to brush back the dunes of sand and work with a select few powerful Djinn. This volume will focus on Iblis, the first opposer and leader of the house of ‘Taw-All’, His mighty son; Zoobghah, His devastating daughter; Shara and a great king of Djinn; Fiqitush. This volume is to work with these beings on a core level, to truly bring out the base essence of the Smokeless Fire they are created from. In this work, intimate rituals are given to fully tap into the sinister nature that eternally flows through them…and guide the black magician on ‘The Path of the Serpent’…