The Book of Q’ab iTz – David Herrerias (Atramentous Press)


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The Book of Q’ab iTz appears as the vessel for the sorcerer, for contained within is the evidence of a practitioner who has dedicated the past few years to the arte magical. It is in light of this quite exquisite emanation that Atramentous Press is very proud to announce the publication of David Herrerias’ first work. As an artist and practitioner of the crooked path he has emerged as a contemporary mystic. With a similar style to Austin Osman Spare and Andrew Chumbley, The Book of Q’ab iTz will surely be regarded as the most revered enchiridion for the dreaming Self.

Emerging as a record of his work, this being based on Andrew Chumbley’s Dragon Book of Essex, Qutub and Azoetia, as well as the work of Spare such as The Zoetic Grimoire of Zos and The Book of Pleasure, it places this particular book at the pinnacle of contemporary artistic spirit-possessed expressionism. Yet this offers something more to the reader. By manifesting only part of a greater living spiritual interaction with daemons and familiars, Herrerias manages to produce an evolved emanation of these previous masters. Combining his Mexican cultural background with the western occultism, The Book of Q’ab iTz presents an opportunity to engage with a pantheon of tricksters, familiars, Gods and Goddesses through the dream state. And while it acknowledges the influence of others, it is not a simple reflection of the past, but rather marks the evolution of the mysteries based on individual endeavour.

All things must return to the vessel so that they can be sacrificed in the mid-winter light. The Book of Q’ab iTz marks a new chapter in crooked path sorcery. With over sixty pieces of artwork as well as the written workings and insights from David Herrerias, this book should appeal to all those who are interested in understanding the power of the oneiric experience and the ophidian current, as encapsulated by Chumbley’s Dragon Book of Essex. This is after all a truly unique expression of a work which is happening Now. To be perfectly frank, there are few who have shown the capacity of being able to capture the spirit, yet through word, deed and art The Book of Q’ab iTz has accomplished this with distinct aplomb.