Sermons In a House of Grief – Benjamin Tweddell (Mount Abraxas Press)


Mount Abraxas Press. Hardcover

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A controversial Professor at the University of Helsinki is forced to revisit his own dark history when a long-vanished companion arrives unexpectedly at his door. Both men have spent their lives fleeing a past which they shared, as child preachers for an obscure millenarian sect in the Finnish wilderness – as prophets with the gift of tongues, and acolytes of the mysterious Priestess Alma Kartano. Now that past catches up as they travel to their old home, the House of pine, snow and secrets. They must face the things which were, and the things which are still to come – the prophecies fulfilled, and the mysteries unveilved. What was torn asunder must be remade – and a sermon in the house of grief preached once more.