Psalterium Sathanas – Aeon Sophia


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The Psalterium Sathanas is a small book that contains 24 Devotional Verses dedicated to Lucifer-Satan.

It is a devotional work containing a series of hymns, prayers, and essay work for the purpose of contemplation and reflection upon the refractions of an ancient mystery. This work was written to offer a moment to remove oneself from the mundane and daily routine through a method of meditation and the recitation of mantras. By doing so, one seeks to acknowledge the individual and personal universe within. More so one takes the time to establish a desire and will towards spiritual growth and to concentrate on the spiritual bonds forming with the Master. The Psalterium Sathanas, worked with intention, shall serve as a guide and a spiritual tool for the cultivation of prayer as a practice of ‘Bhakti-Yoga: Devotional Service’.