Major Keys of Solomon – Eliphas Levi (Hellfire Club)


88 copies in smooth burgundy sheepskin, gilt lettering to spine,
gilt pentagram device to front, green Spanish ripple marbled papers.

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DESCRIPTION: Quarto 220 pp first English Translation of Eliphas Levis manuscript copy. This manuscript was
published in 1895 by Chamuel, who reproduced the drawings from the manuscript while transcribing the texts.
The text is particularly opaque and has discouraged many researchers. That’s why the current edition not only
reproduces the drawings and texts, but also accompanies them with numerous annotations to clarify their meaning
or correct the errors of the previous editor.
These Clés majeures et Clavicules de Salomon or Major Keys of Solomon refer as much to the Clavicula Salomonis as
to the major and minor arcana of the Tarot. This grimoire contains numerous keys on the magical use of the Tarot in
its relationship with Jewish Kabbalah. The present study takes into account the public elements of the autograph

manuscript that belonged to Madame Christiane Buisset, as well as Eliphas Levi’s Tarot, which was found in Italy only
a few years ago.