Fosforos : Astra vespera (Evening Star version) – Johannes Nefastos (Ixaxaar)


2013 Special Edition of 145 copies: Luxurious clothbound edition in an ornamental slipcase, limited to 145 hand numbered copies. Astra Vespera edition has been bound to silkcloth and comes with an exquisite design, which was particularly designed for this edition use only; one side pressed in white and other side blindstamped showing black and white dragons. Each book of this special edition has been finished with gilded silver page edges and a white bookmark ribbon.

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Icon of Discordamelior – The frames that now surround the decagram are taken from the icon of Discordamelior from the cover of its very first copies in year 2000. In that cover, inside the frames was the picture of Satan enthroned, holding the crescent moon and having his hoof over the sol victus. That centerpiece then became part of the Catechism of Lucifer and can be seen on page 49 of the English edition. In these frames we see four Zodiacal animals, but reverted in many ways. Usually one sees Bull in the upper right corner, Lion in the lower right, and then, continuing clockwise, Eagle and then Angel. In Discordamelior’s iconography, these four sacred animals have been changed. Instead of the Bull, i.e. Taurus, we see the former sign, Aries. The stability, unity and fertility have here been held back in benefit of the primal fire. This goat of Aries shares the crooked smile of Pantocrator, and between his horns is a sun-disc with its eye closed to uncreation. The staff on which he leans is not upright, but horizontal, and on his back we see one wing. These are the signs of “astral intoxication” that Levi spoke of. Next, instead of Leo, we see that his sign is actually depicting that of the wingless dragon with forked tongue. He holds upright a sword, his reptilian tale reaching to touch the blade above its hilt. On lower left, instead of the Zodiacal Aquila or Eagle, we see its less fortunate counterpart Scorpio. But once again, she does not hold the essence of water that would be the symbolistic for her sacred essence: instead she clings strongly to the material power, depicted by the coin-amulet with the pentagram of descension. As in the Apocalypse, the scorpion’s tale with venom on it is turned backwards, to the left. The final picture is the one of lamia, the female monster. It holds a book with inverted cup symbol on it, not holding the divine essence but flooding the world with it. Her hand is in gesture of blessing, but pointed partly downwards and not to receivers’ heart. Although this symbolism of discorda melior (“betterness of discord”) is only one part of Fosforos, as a treatise on Satan even in his masked, black form of astral influence, I think it’s not unjustified to cover this book with these pictures of this darker millennial vision. For it is usually the veiled side of him we see before the brighter heart of the Master. – – J. Nefastos