Liber HVHI: The Magick of the Adversary – Michael W. Ford (Manus Sinistra)


Cloth cover, gold foil, quality paper and dustjacket.

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Liber HVHI, the grimoire of the Luciferian Path, contains the infernal rites of the qlippoth, an extensive magical system that presents a solid and understandable way of working with the Tree of Da’ath and its branches. This book presents the 22 Spheres of the Infernal Qlippoth, the methods of filling and draining those “husks” and the Luciferian Rites of Cain, symbolic of the First Satanist of the ancient Hebrew texts related to the process of devouring from a symbolic and ritualistic approach. The roots of the Adversary as the Daemonic Masculine and Feminine are explored from Hebrew and Persian sources leading to a potent initiatory system of the Left Hand Path. The Gates of Hell are opened for the awakening of the Antichrist, from Cain and Belial, through the Black Adept.

The second half of the Grimoire is based on the ritualistic inversions of the Avestan texts and the Daeva-Yasna (demon worship) heresy adapted towards self-deification, as well as the forbidden path of Predatory Spiritualism/vampirism and extreme ritual works.

The transformational works presented take place through the ‘Rite of Possession’ (an extensive self-initiatory reversal of the Catholic rite of exorcism), the rituals of Cain, the Summoning of the Lord of the Tree of Death (important as a call from the Holy Guardian Angel /Evil Genius) and pathworkings within the Tunnels, energy exercises such as Ahrimanic Yoga and the Shadow Tongue or Staota, calling vampiric spirits and Tiamat and sections of the Black Order of the Dragon, among much more.

Regardless of which name the Adversary has been called, from the ancient Persian cult of Yatukih sorcerers, with Ahriman or Angra Maiunyu and his wife Jahi or Az, to the Hebrew Samael and Lilith, the Luciferian Current has remained strong, rooted in ancient cultures. Liber HVHI is a Grimoire written from the shadows of ancient religious texts. The result is a powerful Luciferian ideology and ritual methodology and its implementation in daily life that transforms the mind into the spirit of the Adversary.

The demons of antiquity rise from the dust and take on new life in this book, from the ancient Mesopotamian and Persian dark deities, the Fallen Angels, the Gnostic evil, the Archdemons of the Qlippoth and their spheres, to the malevolent Djinns of Islam, the demons of the East which morphed back into European witchcraft and medieval devils.

This edition offers exclusive art representing the Daemon of this Grimoire and the inclusion of much extra material along with the addition of two books by the author: Satanic Magick: The Paradigm of Therion, The Rites of the Antichrist: The Art of Spiritual Iniquity and Scales of the Black Serpent: Basic Qlippothic Magick.