Compendium of the Arte Magica – Oculus Vacui (Aeon Sophia)


Book specifications:
– 90 grams soft-tone bone-white paper bookblock
– 142 pages
– Illustrations and sigils
– Photography
– Fine bound linen hardcover
– Adorned with a silver foil sigil printed to the front cover
– Silver foil title lettering printed to the spine
– Black end-papers
– Format: 125mm width x 195 mm high
Each book will come with a patch.

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Compendium of the Arte Magica is a book of lyrics and background info of each track from the albums Alkahest and Rites of the Sabbath.

With essays on the Arte of Magick, the Qliphoth and Luciferian gnosis. Additionally are various Enochian magick sigils with their demonic spirits and their properties. A chapter on the Qliphoth with detailed insight regarding gematria, detailed explanations of the demonic entities that inhabit the Qliphothic realm, gnostic philosophy, art and photography.

Also added are background information about our occult philosophy and practises of magick and witchcraft.

The purpose of the book is to provide a humble insight of the meanings and context of the albums

Alkahest and Rites of the Sabbath, which serve as the fundament of Oculus Vacui concept.

The book is meant as an extension to our music and lyrics.

Table of Contents:

Introduction – Oculus Vacui Alkahest

– Utilizing the Alchemy of Transgression to Attain the Limitless Void
– Quintessence of the Dark Divine
– Formula of Regression Through the Qliphothic Pathways

– Kriya Shakti – ritual

Works of Magick

Introduction – Oculus Vacui Rites of the Sabbath

– Call to the Goatlord of the Crooked Path
– Lithany Punto Mortis Samaelilith
– Sangreal of the Witch Blood
– Call to the Nameless Spirit
– Prayer to the Chthonic King
– Invocation of the Scythe Bearer
– Invocation to the Shining One

The Qliphoth and the Sephiroth

Gnostic Theory

Eros and Thanatos, Goethe and Spare

Austin Osman Spare’s Zos Kia

On Belial
– Invocation of Belial

Liber Sophia

Praxis Magica Fausti

Theurgia Goetia

Poisonous Herbs & Plants