Two Grimoires (Deluxe Edition) – Austin Osman Spare – Starfire


The deluxe edition, limited to 100 copies, Signed by the editors. Marked as ‘X-Series’ but comes with the dustjacket

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Two Grimoires is a sumptuous book, the core of which is the publication for the first time of two elaborate book dummies or grimoires by Spare which he produced during the years 1905 and 1906. Each consists of more than twenty finely-drawn pen, ink and watercolour images, in some cases accompanied by brief captions. Internal evidence suggests that they were intended for publication, but were never completed. The publication of these is here accompanied by two finished pictures by Spare from the same period, incorporating elements from the grimoires. Augmenting the grimoires are an Introduction by Michael Staley and two illustrated essays of commentary and preliminary analysis by William Wallace and Stephen Pochin