The Veritable Key of Solomon: Deluxe Edition – Stephen Skinner & David Rankine (Golden Hoard)


Deluxe Edition.

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The Key of Solomon is the most important and influential of all European grimoires. This is the most beautiful and detailed version of this grimoire ever published. With a comprehensive introduction by Stephen Skinner and David Rankine. This is a book that every practicing magician or scholar of the occult must have. The source is two French manuscripts scribed for a French aristocrat in 1796. This is not the earliest, but it is the most detailed version of the Key of Solomon. The book contains three separate versions of the Keys, in order to cover as much of the material as possible. It is much more complete than the Mathers’ edition. It includes a full commentary on all the 144 extant manuscripts of this grimoire, including illustrations from the earlier Greek manuscript precursor of the Key of Solomon, which is also published by Golden Hoard