The Secret Wisdom Of The Qabalah – J.F.C. Fuller (Hellfire)


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As well as writing numerous important works on military strategy, the design and strategic use of the tank in warfare, for which he was praised by Adolf Hitler, J.F.C. Fuller was also a keen scholar of the occult forces that control world events.

His work on the mystical Qabalah shadows forth a strong belief in the presence and power of evil in the world today, his experiences both with Crowley and with the forces at work in Hitlers’ Third Reich before the outbreak of World War II can be seen described in his book.

J.F.C. Fuller was an expert in his field, with 45 books on strategy ( such as ‘The Organisation of Force’ and the ‘Nine Principles of War’) he was a highly prolific author whose ideas reached senior army officers on all sides, as well as the European public.

He explored the professional business of fighting, in terms of the relationship between warfare and social, political, and economic factors in the civilian sector. Fuller emphasised the potential of new weapons, especially tanks and aircraft, to stun a surprised enemy psychologically, a facet of his strategic thinking that was no doubt adopted quickly by the Fascists.

In fact the German Generals Lutz and Guderian adopted the tactics described by Fuller in the organization of the 1940 ‘Blitzkrieg’ attack on allied forces, an horrific form of military extremism that Fullers own Allied Generals were unwilling to adopt.

As well as his writings on strategy and occultism, Fuller also wrote an excellent introductory work on Yoga which is also of interest to students of the occult and Crowleys work in particular.

In ‘The Secret Wisdom of the Qabalah’ (1937) J.F.C. Fuller expounds a wealth of occult and esoteric knowledge in a clear and intelligent style, each chapter building a compelling picture of the hidden forces at work historically, culturally and within the being of the individual.

Though Crowley and Fuller were later to separate, Fuller is noted as stating many years later that he believed Crowley to be “a genuine Avatar”, a being of supernatural origin manifesting in human form.

Fullers ‘Secret Wisdom of the Qabalah’ reveals the hidden doctrines of mysticism and magick which may be used for good or evil, and reveals the forces at work in the occult sciences and shows how religious and societal movements originate and why they decay.

This book is a veritable Key to both past and future occultism, and consequently is of profound significance in understanding the nature of those hidden forces, particularly the forces of evil which today seek to control the world.