The Mystery of the Letters And the Tree Of Life: Interrelationships Among Symbols in the Aeon of the Child – Robert C. Stein (Black Jackal Press)


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“The Mystery of the Letters and The Tree of Life” begins with an examination and analysis of the “Class A” texts of the Thelemic canon, with special emphasis on the manuscript of “The Book of the Law” which the author reminds us was unequivocally declared by Crowley to stand above all other texts as the first and final authority on Thelemic belief and philosophy. Stein surveys the mysteries and questions it poses, and encourages his readers to study a copy of the manuscript themselves, so as to derive a personal understanding from it. He then examines the symbolism of Thelema by comparison to archetypal messages expressed historically through god-forms, kabalah, trigrams (I Ching), Tree of Life models, and alphabets. Stein further proposes a three-dimensional Tree of Life, relates it to Tarot and the paths in Liber 231. “The Mystery of the Letters and The Tree of Life” is not an “introductory work” or a “beginner’s guide,” but a serious and challenging study of a complex subject.