Inside Solar Lodge, Outside the Law – Frater Shiva (Teitan)


The book is a high quality sewn hardcover, 6 1/4″ X 9 1/4″, 200 pages, printed on library-quality paper, with an 8 page black and white photographic insert, and an index. Color dustjacket designed by Gavin O’Keefe. Edition limited to 418 copies. Out of Print

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Inside Solar Lodge – Outside the Law tells the story of Solar Lodge: arguably one of the most interesting and controversial of the many occult groups that sprung up in 1960s America. It was founded by a student of one of the original initiates of Agape Lodge of the O.T.O. and taught a system of magick closely based on that of Aleister Crowley.

The author, Frater Shiva, joined Solar Lodge at its inception and rose to a senior position in its ranks before finally leaving at the time of its implosion in 1972. Inside Solar Lodge – Outside the Law is his reminiscence of life within that group: who they were, how they came together, and what they did and why. As such it gives a rare glimpse into the lives, aspirations and practices of this group of twentieth century magicians, viewed not through the eyes of an historian or sociologist, but from one who was there and a part of it. It also offers a detailed ‘insider’ account of the theft of the library of O.T.O. leader Karl Germer, the ‘boy in the box’ incident, and the alleged connection between the Solar Lodge and the Manson group: all events that have become part of the folklore of American occultism.